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We've been in business since 2015. We have witnessed and experienced the drone revolution first hand. From photography, photogrammetry, and multispectral imaging to thermal, lidar, and payload upgrades, it just keeps evolving. So do we...

Low altitude image acquisition is our business!

  • Cinematography
  • Construction Progress Monitoring
  • Commercial Real Estate


Meet the professionals.

Sean Pagliari

Drone Pilot, Private Pilot, CEO
6 years Drone Pilot
7 years private pilot
5 years Dart Drones Instructor
6 years Nuclear Operator
Ocean Engineering Design Patent holder
Chief Seismic Navigator
CEO of Nautical Horizons.

Rick Callan

Affiliate Director/Manager
27 years as a Location Manager
Second Unit Director
Assistant Director
Production Manager & Art Director

Latest TV Projects include The Right Stuff & House of Cards.

Allen Paschel

Post Production Editor
13 years of experience
Allen Paschel is known for Absence of the Heart (2016) and A Pound of Cure (2014).

Giselle Borrero

UI/UX Front-End Developer/Manager
7 years in Facilities Engineering at Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts
Bilingual (English & Spanish)
Computer & Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Central Florida
Proficient in Revit & AutoCAD.


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  • Cinematography
  • Construction Progress Monitoring
  • Commercial Real Estate
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Cinematography, Progress Monitoring, Commercial Real Estate, & Custom


107 Cinematography

We offer services for large or small productions alike. Let us help your project seamlessly transition from ground to air. Our drones provide safety and opportunity without the expensive cost of a helicopter or crane lift.

Half day rates starting at

$ 750

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Construction Progress Monitoring

107 Construction Progress Monitoring

Mitigate safety and cost for any unnecessary site visits by capturing footage whenever needed. Provide managers a timeline of construction work to manage budgets and workflow. Provide a final marketing video to promote your finalized project.

Starting Price for Construction Progress Monitoring

$ 200

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Commercial Real Estate

107 Commercial Real Estate

When it comes to drone shots for commercial real estate, we know what works and more importantly what doesn't. Our techniques are developed from extensive experience and feedback from clients.

Starting Price for Commercial Real Estate

$ 300

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