Construction Progress Monitoring

Construction Progress Monitoring

Why 107 Aviation?

Mitigate risk and lower cost. Avoid expensive and unnecessary site visits in person by letting us capture aerial footage for you whenever needed. We offer monitoring flights on a Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly, and Quarterly schedule.

Use aerial monitoring to:

  • Help with strategic pre site planning with aerial site views for proximity and staging
  • Track building progress, asset condition, inventory, and movement on site regularly
  • Programmed flight patterns using exact position and shot framing can be saved and repeated consistently for time lapse development progress
  • Provide a final marketing video to promote your finished project on social media
  • Customized 3D photogrammetry, stockpile reports, and mapping missions are available upon request

We know safety, our chief drone pilot is also an FAA licensed aircraft pilot with years of experience in the aviation community. A culture which revolves around good aeronautical decision making, hazard and risk analysis, situational awareness, and ongoing proficiency training. This experience also brings a unique ability to coordinate with the FAA for approval to fly in restricted or controlled airspace.

General Information

Construction Progress Monitoring

Standard Monitoring Package

What is an orthophotomosaic?

Multiple straight down images stitched together to create one gigantic photo.

When you should hire us over an expensive survey company?

  • You want generally accurate measurements but do not need survey grade

  • You don't want to pay a subscription cost for orthophotomosaics associated with other sites

  • Our standard monitoring packages include overhead views of up to 10 acres

Stitched Image vs One Image
Stitch Zoomed

What can we see?

Resolution at altitude

  • At 400ft we can see about 3 acres with a resolution of 4.31 in/pixel

  • 400ft usually covers what is needed

  • Download the images for a direct comparison
Altitude: 200ft

Altitude: 400ft

Automated Stitching vs Our Stitching?

Stitching issues

There is always going to be a bit of distortion when putting images together. Cloud based image processing (Automated Stitching) does a fairly good job, however, our in house software gives us more control over the process, allowing us to create better images.

Automated Stitching

Automated Stitch Zoomed
Our Stitching
Manual Stitch Zoomed


Sample deliverables available for your projects

  • All
  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West
  • Top Down


Below are price estimates.
Please send us a quote request.


$300 / month

  • 5 photos
  • Up to 10 acres
  • 400 feet
  • Extra fees may apply (FAA flight waiver, one time set up fee, etc.)
  • 1 Perimeter video

Marketing Video

$500 / one time

  • End of project marketing video
  • Extra fees may apply

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An initial site visit will include multiple photos at different angles. You select the most relevant shots moving forward. We will take it from there. We will visit the site at the designated interval and deliver the link to download them. We keep back ups just in case.

  • No, our service agreement is simple. Either party may cancel at any time given a 1 month notice.

  • Yes, we are happy to adjust to your requirements, as long as it doesn’t result in an additional flight within the prescribed contract schedule.

  • No, as long as we have permission and a point of contact at the site, we are good.

  • While we would prefer to fly from within the premises, we can operate from outside of the property if requested.

  • We have our own reflective vests, hard hats, steel toed boots, and safety glasses.

  • We will send you a link to the images on our cloud drive where you can view and download the deliverables. We also keep back ups that are archived on our local storage medium.

  • We do our best to process your shots overnight, but depending on our current workload, it might take an extra day or two.

  • In some cases we can fly indoors, as long as the area is big enough and it is deemed safe, however, most interior shots can be easily accomplished using our ground camera. We are working on offering interior 360 products as well. Please let us know if you are interested.

  • Want to look around the site at your own leisure. Maybe even step into a VR headset to see how everything is progressing in the safety of your own home. Then 360 is an option. Look up and down and side to side on your construction site.

  • Yes, we recommend 30 or 45 degree angled photos for that. If you do need metrics we can also provide area and volume measurements.

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